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Trend magazine is a quarterly-annual publication that explores New Mexico’s unique influence on art, design, and architecture—a regional magazine with a global reach. Through well-written articles and engaging photography, each issue spotlights a broad spectrum of extraordinary artists, their creations, and the unique, cutting-edge products and services that enhance readers’ knowledge of the creative forces behind the trends.

With a total yearly circulation of 60,000 issues, Trend magazine appeals to readers who are passionate about the very best in home design, art collecting, fine dining, fashion, and travel.

Although we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, we do encourage queries for lively, in-depth articles and photographs that bring fresh perspective to the world of art, architecture, and design.

What We Publish

One to two feature stories of 1500–2000 words per issue, plus stories of 800-1000 words for our Departments (Flash, Tunes, Artist Studio, Art Matters, Outlook, Gastronomica, etc.) Please acquaint yourself with our most recent issues to get a feel for our look and style.

If you are submitting work that has been previously published, please indicate the name of publication, the date, and if you now retain all rights.

What We Do Not Publish

Trend does not publish reviews, cartoons, personal essays, poetry, or fiction. We also do not publish illustrations or photographs that do not support a Feature or Department.

for freelance writers

Using the five basics of journalism—who, what, when, where, and why—please tell us in a few hundred words or so why you think your story is a good fit with Trend.

Describe your experience as a writer, also in a few hundred words or less. In what venues have you been published? What are your specialties? Provide no more than two published clips (links to online publications are fine) OR a brief writing sample (no more than 500 words) that follows feature magazine writing style.

for photographers

Describe in a few hundred words or less your experience as a photographer. In what venues have you been published? What are your specialties? Please submit a CD, DVD, or online links to samples of your work.

If you are contacting us to suggest an architecture or design photo shoot, please submit a high-resolution CD or DVD that includes interior and exterior photographs, as well as a brief description of each shoot/project: its architect and/or designer, when it was built, and why it is pertinent to Trend’s readers.

lead time

Details coming soon

how to submit

All material sent to us via the U.S. mail should be typewritten, but links to writing and photography samples may be included as well.

If submitting ideas or photos by e-mail, please ensure that your file size does not exceed 1MB and send to the editor

If your file exceeds 1MB, put it on a disk and send by mail to: Trend, P.O. Box 1951, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

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